Security Updates

hackplaneLately the hot topic of the last year has been computer and internet security.  This is a relatively new thing, although hacking has been around since computers were first invented.  The thing is, computers are used for so much more these days, and people use them every single day for important tasks such as shopping, banking, and more.  Also, much of government and business is done over the internet and on computers.  Hackers have much higher incentives and targets to go after.  This makes computer security one of the most important things to be aware of in 2016, especially if you are using computers to do those everyday activities.

The best thing that you can do to stay aware of everything that is going on is to follow a few security blogs, such as CNet Security or the ARS Technica Risk Assessment blog.  They are informative as well as fun to read in the way a James Bond movie is fun to watch.  Also, you can stay up to date on the latest in threats as well as new strategies to keep your data safe, such as enabling two factor authentication.  Ah, bet you didn’t know what two factor authentication was did you ?  That is one of the things that you can learn if you keep yourself up to date.

Recently it was discovered that a large-scale power outage in the Ukraine was caused by hackers.  This is the first time that hackers have taken out public utilities that affected the general public.  Clearly we are in a new age where cyber-terrorism is the new front.

While we don’t mean to alarm you we certainly want you to know what’s going on.  My friend just got done creating her emergency preparedness kit in which she has put enough supplies to last at least three days and possibly longer.  She did this in light of recent news of terrorists and other natural disasters.  Should terrorists, hackers, or a natural disaster disable the power grid or something else, it would be highly beneficial to have a kit of food, water, and basic supplies.  It’s certainly not a bad idea, and it’s not so doomsday as a bomb shelter.

Your friends might give you some light humor about it, but let me tell you they’ll be the first in line if something DOES happen and you’re the last person in the area with toilet paper and matches.

Either way, it’s definitely a good idea to stay on top of current events in the tech world.